Klenzeen Non-Abrasive Hand Wipes (150 Sheets)

£9.92 exc.Vat | £9.92 inc.Vat

Non-abrasive anti-bacterial hand and surface wipes from Klenzeen (150 wipes).


Klenzeen bucket hand wipes are the ultimate in portable hand wiping. Thanks to their portability, the Klenzeen bucket wipes can go anywhere with you and keep you clean in almost any industrial environment, from engineering to printing to plumbing.

With two variations, for most general applications and for the toughest of cleaning jobs Klenzeen bucket wipes provide the complete solution. The high-strength absorbent cleaning cloths are treated with low alcohol based anti-bacterial cleaning solution which is tough on grease and grime, yet gentle and clensing on the skin.

Strong, portable and gentle on the skin / Tough on grease, grime, inks, paints, silicone, adhesives / Sanitising action / Multi-purpose wipe / Quickly cleans hands without additional agents.


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