Delta Plus Conic 200 Disposable Ear plugs (200 pairs)

£18.34 exc.Vat | £18.34 inc.Vat

Delta Plus disposable Ear Potection (200 pair pack)


Delta Plus Conic 200 ear plugs 200 pairs per pack, individually packaged in pairs. The tapered design fits most ear canals, Soft, hypo-allergenic polyurethane foam with smooth, dirt resistant surface offers maximum wearer comfort.

Product Conforms to EN 352-2 for hearing protection. SNR (Single Number Rating) 37 dB, H(igh frequency) 36 dB, M(iddle frequency) 34 dB, L(ow frequency) 33 dB. Yellow mouldable polyurethane 12 mm diameter ear plugs packed in pairs in individual bags. Dispenser box of 200 pairs